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NFL Rumors: Visanthe Shiancoe turned down contract offer from Seahawks

Apparently veteran tight end Visanthe Shiancoe is a little clueless as to how much his services are really worth in the NFL. At least, he was when the Seattle Seahawks came a knockin’ during free agency.

After spending some time on the open market, Shiancoe finally fielded some interest from the Seahawks, who were looking to add some depth to their tight end group. They had just lost pass-catcher John Carlson to the Minnesota Vikings, the team that Shiancoe had just left. So it seemed fit that a Vikings-Seahawks tight end swap was in order.

But nothing ever came to fruition. It seemed like Shiancoe and the Seahawks were a match made in NFL heaven, yet the nine-year veteran still remained unsigned. As odd as it seemed, life went on and Shiancoe’s presence as part of the free agent pool went unnoticed.

That was until’s Tom Pelissero tweeted out this morning that Shiancoe had turned down an offer from the Seahawks.

“Been asked many questions about why Visanthe Shiancoe is still a free agent,” Pelissero said via his personal Twitter account. “Was told he turned down a 1-year, $1.2M deal from #Seahawks.”

If you ask me, I’d say that Shiancoe was being a bit pretentious in turning down a reasonable offer from Seattle. He’s well past his prime and should in no way be considered a clear-cut starter at this point in his career. But instead of accepting the deal to play, he’d rather sit on his rear end and watch the NFL season unfold from the comfort of home.

Since then, the Seahawks have moved on by trading for Kellen Winslow. They filled their void at tight end and no longer have a need for Shiancoe.

The one opportunity he had to play in the NFL this season has come and gone. Maybe he was done with the game and didn’t want to play another down regardless of the pay. Maybe he wasn’t willing to sign until he felt that his body was ready for another season of punishment. Or maybe he just felt he deserved more green.

Either way, it seems that his arrogance and pride might have forced Shiancoe into an early retirement.

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