What Should the New York Giants Do With Their Cap Space?

The New York Giants have a little over $3 million in cap room left. Could they maybe use some of that to improve any spots on their roster or should they just hang onto it and move forward right now? There isn’t really a lot left in the free agent market and there really aren’t any spots to fill unless something catastrophic happens during training camp and the pre-season.

The two spots that are possible for a free agent pickup are wide receiver and tight end. The problem is that the two best people left at those spots are former Giants Plaxico Burress and Jeremy Shockey. I really can’t see the Giants going down that road again for either player. I think those bridges were burned and the ashes were burnt.

On defense the only real free agent acquisition I could see is maybe bringing back Deon Grant like they did during training camp last year. The only way that happens though is if they are unhappy with the guys they brought in at safety or someone gets hurt.

If they are going to use any of it, maybe the best thing to do is use it internally. Locking up players like Hakeem Nicks and Jason Pierre-Paul before the market price for each becomes too crazy and they have to leave via free agency. If Victor Cruz continues to be the playmaker he was last year, maybe they should try to re-sign him as well during the season. Locking up young, core players who you’ve drafted or brought in as an undrafted free agent and developed has been key to the Giants success.

Right now I believe he should stand pat and let things play out. Who knows what tomorrow may bring though.