C.J. Spiller Talking Super Bowl for Buffalo Bills

By Jeff Sattora

Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller is talking Super Bowl in Western New York.  Now, for people who will get too crazy and start talking about Spiller getting ahead of himself as a guy who isn’t even a starting running back on his own team I have three things to say to you.

1. He would start on more than a few teams in the NFL

2. His role in Buffalo is extremely important and he might as well be a starter

3. I want my team’s players to be confident

Spiller, who started playing very well at the end of last season with starting running back Fred Jackson injured, not only has grown as a player with confidence in himself, he has translated that to his forecast of the team’s success.

“We split with New England (last year),” said Spiller. ”We had the Giants on the ropes. We are close to being a Super Bowl team.”

Spiller is not the only confident player in the locker room, as he made it seem the whole team shares his mindset.

“Every year we expect to win and make the playoffs and make a run, but we don’t just want to make the playoffs, we’re trying to get to the Super Bowl,” said Spiller. “Why get to the playoffs if you’re not trying to win the Super Bowl? That’s the ultimate and that’s what we talk about is being champions. If you’re not trying to be a champion as we say, ‘You’re in the wrong business.’”

That’s a great attitude to hear and I could not agree with it more.

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