Dallas Cowboys Add Fuel to the Fire With Michael Vick Tweet

By Carl Conrad

One rule that all NFL teams know but few follow is to not give the opposition any bulletin board fodder. It appears as if the Dallas Cowboys have provided Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick with just that. Vick, who turned 32 on June 26 got a birthday present from the Cowboys, via their twitter feed. The Eagles rival posted a “happy birthday” picture dedicated to Vick that showed him getting sacked by DeMarcus Ware, with a message that said “See you Nov. 11”. November 11 is week 10 of the NFL season and is the first time that the Eagles and Cowboys will face off, with Philly hosting their NFC East brethren.

While I’m sure the post was all in good fun (?), it is not as if Vick needs any added motivation to excel against the Cowboys. In two games against the Cowboys in 2011 (both of which the Eagles won), Vick completed 39 of 60 passes for 572 yards and added 4 touchdowns while not throwing a single interception. He did get sacked 6 times, including 4 in the first meeting, but he played 2 solid games, nonetheless.

Vick and the Eagles have lofty expectations placed upon them once again this year, although this time it is not due to a boneheaded comment made during training camp. The expectations this year are because of the fact that they have an incredibly talented team that SHOULD play well and compete in the playoffs. It does not seem as if the pressure is bothering Vick in the least bit. When asked about it, he said “We feel like we’re one of the best teams in the league. We feel like we can play with any team in this league on any given Sunday.”

In my opinion, the last thing an opposing defense wants to do is give a player of Vick’s caliber any added motivation to shred them.


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