ESPN Analysts Pick Buffalo Bills for Playoff Spot

By Jeff Sattora

The Buffalo Bills gained a lot of attention not only locally, but nationally last season as the team stormed out to a strong 5-2 start.  Despite the team struggling with a 1-8 finish to end the year 6-10 the national media is right back on the Bills bandwagon this off-season.

ESPN recently did a segment where NFL analysts picked five teams that didn’t make the playoffs in 2011 to make the playoff jump in 2012.  Their first selection to move into that playoff group was the Bills.

The decision to pick five teams was based around the recent trend of new teams making the playoffs each year who didn’t make that tournament the season before.

ESPN analyst Herm Edwards was one of the many analysts to jump on the Bills bandwagon for 2012, saying they have a strong chance to make the wild card ahead of the New York Jets.

“This year in the offseason they did a great job of acquiring free agents,” said Edwards of Buffalo. “I’m talking about Mario Williams and Mark Anderson. That will allow them to get to the quarterback. This offense is a very productive offense. Fitzpatrick is more like a point guard in basketball, he distributes the football. They will battle the Jets in my opinion as a Wild Card team in this division. I think New England is still good enough to win the division. I think the Bills have a chance with their schedule to win nine games and maybe get into the playoffs.

“I think the Bills have an edge offensively in this sense, they’ve been together, the Jets have a new coordinator and a new system. They want to ground and pound and that’s fine, but you still have to be able to throw the football. The Bills can throw the ball. They put you in space, they run a lot of shotgun spread offense and have skill players that can catch and run. Their offense is a little ahead of the Jets offense right now.”

Seeing NFL analysts (and former coaches) like Edwards say those positives about the Bills only gives me great thoughts heading into 2012.

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