How Good Are The 2012 New York Jets?

By Akiva Goldenberg

Even though the New York Jets are almost a month away from entering training camp, which starts on July 26th, the roster is mostly set. The team’s starting lineup is not going to change significantly and almost all of the Jets starters are returning.

We know that the defense will be utilizing the 4-3 formation more frequently in 2012 than in years past. This is a really good thing for the defense since most of their personnel on the front seven are far better in that formation than in the 3-4.

The defensive backs of the team haven’t improved significantly. Darrelle Revis will continue to be the best in the NFL but the rest of the defensive backs need specific situations in order to play well. LaRon Landry is not only injury prone but he also isn’t a good coverage safety.

Yeremiah Bell is essentially a backup who was signed to fill the role of part-time starter in Rex Ryan‘s defense and Antonio Cromartie hasn’t had a truly good year since 2007. The Jets need Cromartie, Kyle Wilson, and Josh Bush to step up so that the team isn’t vulnerable deep down the middle, like they were in 2011.

The biggest off-season acquisition for the Jets on offense was rookie Stephen Hill, not Tim Tebow. His athleticism and run blocking skill allows him to have the chance to be a major contributor in 2012. Mark Sanchez desperately needs a deep vertical threat on offense and Hill is the only player who has all of the essential physical characteristics in order to fill that role.

New York needs Sanchez to step up and become the quarterback they envisioned when they drafted him fifth overall in 2009. Sanchez hasn’t proven that he is a true franchise quarterback and if he doesn’t significantly improve the team can’t be a true Super Bowl contender.

The Jets have a volatile roster which could be extremely successful, be a complete failure, or something in between in 2012.

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