Late Games Time Change Affects One Game for Buffalo Bills

By Jeff Sattora

Recently the NFL announced that the league would be pushing back their Sunday afternoon games to later than their original 4:15 pm (eastern) time slot.

The move pushes the start time for games from that 4:15 pm time slot back ten minutes to a new time slot at 4:25 pm.

Pushing the start time back affects one game for the Buffalo Bills this upcoming season, as their week 5 match-up at San Francisco has now been moved back to 4:25.

The decision was made to help accommodate fans viewing and help improve their watching pleasure from home, whether it was for an early or late game.

In researching the overlap issue between early games that ran long and late games on doubleheader Sundays for CBS or FOX the NFL found from  2009 to 2011 44 games required that the audience to be switched to the mandatory doubleheader (second game) game kickoff.  Using those numbers the league determined that by pushing back the kickoff of the late game by just 10 minutes that the number of affected games would be reduced to only 15 (a 66% cut).

I have both a good and bad reaction to that move.  First off, overall I like the move in principle.  I think it is a great thing for the league to take into account their fans, especially when the vast majority of those fans are watching the games at home on their couch.  The league clearly did their research and put in the time to help make this move.

With that said,  to me 15 is still a number they could have reduced.  If they had possibly tried to push it back even 10 more minutes, to 4:35 pm, I believe that number could have been down to zero, or at least close.

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