NFL Network's Top 100 Show Is An Insult For NY Jets Players

By Akiva Goldenberg

This past Wednesday, June 27th, the NFL Network aired the final episode of The NFL Top 100 Players of 2012 show.Ironically the show was based on the performance of players in the 2011 season. The list produced by the show only ranked one New York Jets player from 2011, Darrelle Revis, as one of the top 100 players.

The methodology of the list was based primarily on a flawed survey on which players specified who they thought were the top 20 players in the NFL. From that survey the NFL Network somehow created a list of 100 players and deemed those the top 100 in the NFL.

Not only do I think that they ranked Revis too high, meaning he should have been ranked in the top three instead of as the fifth best player, but there were omissions on the list that were in poor taste. The fact that Nick Mangold was arguably the best center in the NFL in 2011 and wasn’t even mentioned on the show, except as someone who offered an opinion, is ridiculous.

Players like Brandon Moore and David Harris are not big names but they also deserved to be considered as players in the “top 100”. Due to his polarizing nature Tim Tebow was ranked number 95 on the list, but not a single team wanted to acquire him as a starter in 2012. Not only is this list completely flawed, as I pointed out in an article cited at the top of this article, but to take it seriously is an insult to the players of the New York Jets.

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