NFL Rumors: Oakland Raiders And Cedric Benson Getting Closer To Deal?

By Max Luckan

A little while ago, reported that the Oakland Raiders were, indeed, interested in potentially signing free agent running back Cedric Benson. Now, rumors have surfaced that the two sides could be getting closer to a deal. Of course, nothing is imminent as of Saturday, but the Raiders would likely attempt to sign Benson sometime before training camp.

The Raiders are looking for a solid running back combination, and the coaching staff feels that Benson would complement Darren McFadden and his running style. Benson prefers to run between the tackles, while McFadden effectively uses his speed. In 2011, the Raiders had a solid running game until McFadden got injured, and struggled to run the ball after. Reportedly, the coaching staff is not content with having Taiwan Jones as the secondary back. This is understandable given that Jones was largely ineffective last season.

At this point, it’s extremely likely that the Raiders will end up signing Benson. So far, he has not received any real interest from other teams, and the Raiders are in search of a complementary running back, and Benson fits the bill. However, there could be another “mystery” team that might make a play for the running back. The Buffalo Bills, Indianapolis Colts, or Washington Redskins are teams that could potentially be interested in Benson as well.

Right now, it’s pretty clear that nothing will happen, but the Raiders have expressed their interest. And this means that they will probably make a move as we get closer and closer to training camp.

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