Rob Gronkowski Is The Best Receiver In The NFL

By Akiva Goldenberg

Rob Gronkowski is the most dangerous and best receiver in the NFL. When healthy he is the most difficult person to cover in the league. The tight end is arguably the best player on the New England Patriots.

Some people might think wide receiver Calvin Johnson, of the Detroit Lions, is the best receiver in the NFL but Darrelle Revis of the New York Jets has shut down Johnson in the past. Unlike “Megatron”, a nickname of Johnson’s, no defensive player has the right combination of size and athleticism to cover Gronkowski.

He led the league in touchdowns in 2012 and is one of the safest fantasy football picks in this year’s fantasy drafts. When an injured Gronkowski played in the Super Bowl, the Patriots were not nearly as good of an offense as they were when he was healthy.

Now in 2012 the team upgraded their wide receiver core by signing Brandon Lloyd, which will take more of the attention of opposing defenses away from Gronkowski. Fans of the Jets, Buffalo Bills, and Miami Dolphins will most likely have to suffer as they watch the Patriots beat their defenses all over the field.

Not only can he catch the football but Gronkowski can block well too. Terrell Suggs, of the Baltimore Ravens, found out about that fact the hard way when he was essentially pancaked by the tight end. All of these factors make “Gronk” even more dangerous in 2012.

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