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Brett Favre Would Try to Win Games with Cam Newton Over “Anybody Else”

Brett Favre sat down with Deion Sanders and had some high praise for Cam Newton who he watched in college. Favre knew that Newton could run the ball based on his time at Auburn, but in his rookie year in the NFL Favre was more impressed with Newton’s throwing.

“One thing I guess that surprised me with Cam was how polished a passer he was. He didn’t throw as much, no disrespect, but Sitting in the pocket, and going through his pro, He didn’t really do that at Auburn. Now He won a national championship, so whatever he did was pretty good.”

Favre goes even farther than that and claims he would rather go to battle with Newton than “anyone else” in the league. He also said he would have drafted RG3 over Andrew Luck, because he prefers a quarterback who can keep himself safe with his legs rather than get hit.

“I met (Newton) last year. Buss asked me if I would go over and try to talk to Cam. I’d seen him on TV. Buss was trying to sign him. I said ‘yeah I’ll go Buss, but I’ve never had success helping you. They always sign with someone else.’ “Favre jokes. “I walked into the room, and my exact words. His family was in there; They are a very nice family. I said man they don’t make them like they used to. This dude was 6’6” , 260, no body fat. Well spoken; I would’ve drafted him right there. People asked me after that who would you take. I’m like, it’s a no-brainer. Who would you rather play. If you just got an average or above average team.. Who would rather try to win games with. Cam Newton, or anybody else? I mean anybody else. I mean I’m talking about just what he brings.”

Favre makes a great point about Newton being well spoken. On top of his many athletic talents, Newton is a superstar who craves the spot light and will represent his team and fans in an upstanding way. He told Peter King at the combine last year “I see myself not only as a football player, but an entertainer and icon.” This sent off some alarms at the time, but what Newton was trying to communicate is that “Magic Johnson”-type quality to his game. He is a competitor, but he also wants to put a show on for the fans and that was evident in his rookie season based on his statistics and the many times he “tore open” his shirt revealing a metaphorical Superman logo. Newton at the very least has the support of football’s historical Ironman, Brett Favre.