Jeff Fisher Brings Winning Attitude To St Louis Rams

By Anthony Blake

Jeff Fisher may be a new head coach for the St Louis Rams in 2012, but he is by no means “new” to the league and the responsibilities that his position entails. That is why he has brought on some trusty players that he knows he can depend on through the growing pains of rebuilding this franchise from the ground up.

He knows full well that this turnaround that many fans and those in the media are anticipating won’t happen overnight as he said: “No team in NFL history has lost more games in a five-year span than the Rams the last five years. So the people are anxious. They have high expectations. They want a winner, so we’re going to go up there to get it turned around.”

One of the main ways that Fisher has implemented his plan to change the fortunes of the Rams is by bringing in players that he knows. He said: “I think that was one of the weirdest moments, when I stood up in front of the team and only recognized two players. That’s definitely different. But now it seems so long ago … Now it’s become a team and I’m very familiar with the roster.”

Of course any roster is going to be different to a newly hired coach, but Fisher has a certain style and mentality about his approach to the game. Some call it gritty, others say it crosses the line at times, but most agree that his philosophies are conducive to winning football games. That is what Fisher plans to do in St. Louis over the years ahead as he continues to put his stamp on this franchise and build a winning organization that right way.

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