New York Giants Counting on a Comeback Season from Justin Tuck

Justin Tuck is one of the unquestioned leaders of the New York Giants defense.  He has been a key member of two Super Bowl winning teams and has been named to two Pro Bowls.  He was named the 62nd best player in the NFL by his peers in an NFL Network ranking.  Still, Justin Tuck is not satisfied.

Last season was a bit of a disappointment for Tuck.  Aside from winning the Super Bowl, that is.  On the field, Tuck struggled with injuries, and struggled to stay on the field all season long.  He only played in 12 games and made 11 starts and recorded 5 sacks and forced only 1 fumble after forcing 5 each of the last two years.

This year, Tuck has made headlines with his new facemask which should prevent opposing offensive linemen from getting their hands into his mask and twisting his head, something that contributed to his sore neck.  With the new mask comes a new attitude as well.  He sees the Giants as a team on the rise, a team that will only get better.  Right now, there is no reason to doubt him.  They are going to enter training camp with a healthy Terrell Thomas, their star cornerback recovering from an ACL injury.  Tuck and fellow defensive end Osi Umenyiora are also healthy heading into camp giving the Giants one of the deepest defensive end rotations in football.

Obviously, having a healthy Tuck would be a huge difference.  If he can return to his 2008 or 2010 form the Giants defense could be among the best in the NFL.  He has been determined all offseason to return to that form which should scare opposing quarterbacks.

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    just a note…i hope the G-Men DO get another title this year. you have to kniow that Tuck will be in supercharge mode. but i’m confused about something and hope my fellow Giants’ fans can help me understand. losing jake ballard to waivers has confused the hell outta me. why didn’t they cut to keep him injured or not? jerry reese has worked miracles with his team,not to mention the entire staff at the home office, but the talent that was out there in free agents as well as the number of times during the draft the giants were stiffled on their prospects. how did this happen? i noticed the splattriots managed to get two picks in one round and have done nothing other than sabbotage any attempt for the Giants to grab or get any sort of highly ranked player.i think there’s a “mole” somewhere in that organization. how else would anyone get wind of what the G-Men were doing with Ballard? more importantly, the one team who seemed to be one step ahead of the Giants since the day after the SB. anyone know the answers to my questions? and thank you if you can answer them.

    • Chris Gamble

      Jake Ballard was placed on waivers in order to make room on the 90-man roster for Rocky Bernard. Because he was placed on waivers every team in the NFL had a chance to claim him. However, the Giants thought Ballard would go unclaimed because he is not going to play this year. The Patriots grabbed Ballard fair and square and will keep him on their roster and pay him $550,000 this season to basically rehab. This is Ballard’s second serious knee injury and it is going to be a concern going forward. There is no mole or conspiracy. It was all done fair and square.
      The Giants tight end situation has been one of almost constant turnover the past couple of seasons. Prior to last year everyone bemoaned Jerry Reese not re-signing Kevin Boss but Jake Ballard stepped up out of nowhere and filled in admirably last season. The Giants have several tight ends they are high on including Christian Hopkins and Ryan Purvis as well as rookie Adrien Robinson whom Jerry Reese referred to as the JPP of tight ends. Don’t worry about the Giants. They proved last year they can survive the loss of a few players, some of whom were thought to be indispensable like Boss and Steve Smith. Someone will step up for the Giants at tight end. Keep an eye on Bear Pascoe and Martellus Bennett. Tight ends coach Mike Pope is one of the best in the business and should command patience and respect when it comes to turning out good tight ends.

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