Tennessee Titans Tight End Jared Cook Looks for Contract Extension with Team

By Stephanie Umek

There are many other things that the Tennessee Titans have to worry about before the beginning of the season, tight end Jared Cook might just have to wait for his contract extension. There is no saying that he won’t receive a contract but it may not be a priority right now for the team.

Right Now Cook is receiving $615,000 a year, which is the low for tight ends in the NFL and he has one year left on his rookie contract. It’s not to say either though, that he doesn’t deserve a contract. After being selected in the 2009 draft he went last year with 49 passes for 759 yards and three touchdowns. Those aren’t bad stats, especially for a rookie on a team with many receivers.

Jared Cook was quoted over the weekend in Tennessee saying, “I would like to stay here. I like Tennessee a lot, but you just kind of block it out and take care of your job. As long as you take care of your job, you’ll be all right. I’m still waiting (to hear), but hopefully soon.”

He could always end up being the franchise tag player for next year, the Titans are developing a lot of “good” problems, in which they have many players at many positions. The key to the success of the team though will be to utilize the players in a way that will produce more than in the past.

With all these changes it’s pretty excited to see if the Titans are going to have the momentum to win more than nine games this coming season. With a full offseason to prepare it sure does make a difference.

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