Jared Allen Thinks DeMarcus Ware Could Have 25 Sack Season

By Andrew Fisher

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen has already declared his intentions to break the NFL single season sack record in 2012. Now Allen has upped the ante by stating that he thinks a 25 sack season is possible. He specifically mentioned one player with the record number in mind, DeMarcus Ware.

“I think 25 is possible. I think someone will eventually get it. Look at some of the athletes, the DeMarcus Ware’s of the league and the matchups he creates as a 3-4 guy on a running back or something. I think it’s possible. Then again, no one’s ever had two 20-sack seasons in their career in the history of the NFL. So, someone’s gotta do that first. Like I said, I believe 25 is a number that will get hit one year. But when, I don’t know?”

Ware responded:

“With that coming from Jared Allen, who had 22 last year, the sky’s the limit,” Ware said. “I’ll also flip it back on him, and say, he can do the same thing, and also, Jason Babin. They’re playing really well. But it’s all about how the season goes. If it’s more of a passing season, we’re probably going to have more sacks.”

I like that Allen made these comments, and I think it’s great Ware tipped his cap back at Allen. There’s nothing wrong with saying something good about another elite player in the league, but especially in this case, because Allen and Ware are the two most likely guys to do it.

By making the comments, it would seem that maybe Allen believes he too could rack up 25 sacks in season, even though he didn’t come right out and say it. He tallied up 22 last season, and in this pass happy league of today, there’s no reason he couldn’t add 3 more in 2012.

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