NFL Rumors: Andrew Luck Closer to Signing with Indianapolis Colts

By J.M. Nicholas

Despite reports to the contrary from various local and national media outlets, Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts, has sent out several tweets stating that contract talks between the Colts and the camp of number one overall draft pick Andrew Luck are closer than they appear. Other than Irsay’s 140-character confidences, very little has came out in the public concerning the status of signing the future starting quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts franchise.

Irsay seems to stress the assurance that talks are going smoothly, and that there is no stalemate between the two sides of the discussion. The media pundits seem to think differently, and the silence from the Colts and from Luck’s management don’t help the curiosity as to why and how the contract’s structure and the signing of the rookie signal caller has slowed down to a snail’s crawl, with Colts training camp opening up less than a month away. The Colts’ training camp begins during the last week of July, and Irsay seems confident that his new starting quarterback will be signed and ready to help reload this team.

The rift has been reported to be concerns over the marketing of Luck’s name with and without the Colts logo. It is well known that the last quarterback of this team had a very recognizable brand name inside and outside of the NFL and the Colts franchise, so possibly the Indianapolis organization wants a little extra piece of that pie. Still, regardless of how marketable Andrew Luck becomes on or off the field, his name and face will be synonymous with the Indianapolis Colts for years to come.

The top eight players drafted in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft still have yet to sign, so all of this hullabaloo over Luck seems like a reach for info that is still unavailable as of yet. One way or another, the young man will get paid. Andrew Luck will be the face of the Indianapolis franchise. There will be money abound for all parties involved, and you can take that statement to the bank.


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