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New Orleans Saints Agree To Four-Year Deal With Cornerback Corey White

The New Orleans Saints have signed rookie cornerback Corey White to a four-year deal. The Saints took White with the 162nd overall pick of the fifth round. I think White can have a big impact for the Saints’ secondary. White has great size for a cornerback as he stands at 6’1″ and weighs 205 pounds. Back in May I wrote that White could be a difference maker for the Saints and I think the Saints might agree with me, if this four-year deal is any indication.

While White comes from small name school Samford, it does not mean that he will not be a good fit for the Saints. The Saints’ personnel do their homework and I know that White was scouted very carefully. Furthermore, the Saints have a history of success with late round picks and players from smaller name schools so I am sure that White was a wise pick up for the Saints.

White has the confidence and playing ability to make a splash with the Saints. The Saints’ secondary is a little depleted but that could be a huge opportunity for White. White might be able to secure a backup cornerback position. If White makes good use of his playing time he could be the future starting cornerback of the Saints. Jabari Greer is not getting any younger and that is not to say he has lost step, but the pick of White was a great pick because they have a great cornerback for the future. I really think that White will be a good cornerback in the NFL and prove to be a steal for the Saints in the long run.