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Washington Redskins No.4 In Attendance To Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, N.Y. Jets

The Washington Redskins are hoping fans will come out this season and make them No.1 in attendance. Last season they were No.4.

Who beat them? Prepare to groan: The Dallas Cowboys (684,096) was No.1 and The New York Giants (635,800) No.2, according to a recent Wall St. Journal article.

The New York Jets  was No.3 with 631,888.

Last season, the average attendance to a Washington Redskins game was 76,921. For the 2011 season the total was 615,368, the report concluded.

However, you’ve  got to consider seating capacity. This season, it will be 79,000– a vast contrast to its capacity two years prior which was at 91,000.  This is due to the Redskins cutting about 8,000 seats from end zone areas of both upper decks last season. This reduced FedEx Field’s capacity to about 83,000. In March, the Redskins got approval from the Prince George’s County Department of Environmental Resources to remove another 4,000 seats to complete some upgrades. These upgrades included the installation of the upper level standing decks.

But attendance has been declining.

From 2004-2008 attendance surpassed 700,000. The drop came in 2009, where attendance was 678,352. 2010 saw another slip to 665,380.  The highest this decade was 2005, when attendance was 716,999.

It’s understandable –the past couple of years have not been good to the Redskins. From suffering QB and coach woes to a 5-11 season last season, fans were fed up.

These numbers should spike this year as fan confidence grows  in the improvements the Washington Redskins have made as a team and franchise.

Looking at the big picture for a moment, the Redskins Nation needs 2,079 more fans in order to pack out FedEx Field. All general admission lower and upper deck tickets have been sold out, so maybe No.1 is a reality. This season, there are more than enough reasons to head to FedEx–Just bring 2,079 of your closest friends.

 Ricky Allen is a Washington Redskins Blogger with Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @UltimateRedskin.