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Wide Receiver Marc Mariani Fights for a Roster Spot with Tennessee Titans

Now Marc Mariani happens to be one of my personal favorite Titans, it’s a simple fact that the Tennessee Titans have a crowed roster when it comes to their wide receivers. And Mariani just hasn’t gotten his fifteen minutes of fame yet. I mean literally he has gotten two opportunities for passes in his career and has yet to be able to execute them.

However there is something different in his work ethic this year according to head coach Mike Munchak. He is making plays that normally he would screw up.

“In practice here, he’s one of the guys that when the ball went up, it seemed like he came down with it, or he found a way to get open. His routes were sharp, or he was getting out of his routes well. He was fun to watch. I think the quarterbacks had a lot of confidence in him.”

He has a lot of competition though. Veteran Nate Washington and Kenny Britt both are going to be starting and there is of course first round draft pick Kendall Wright. Both Lavelle Hawkins and Damian Williams are in the same boat as Mariani, however they have more experience than he does on the field.

In this situation Mariani knows what he has to do to get better and he acknowledged that a few days ago, “It’s fuel for me. It motivates me. But at the end of the day, I’m really focused on just getting better and really earning my spot and getting an opportunity to play wide receiver.”

Yet again another good problem for the Titans to have. There is just not enough room on the roster for everyone to shine. It will be interesting to see who shows up come the first regular season game.