Chris Hairston Could Get Shot at Starting Offensive Line Spot for Buffalo Bills

By Jeff Sattora

When the Buffalo Bills used a second round draft pick on offensive lineman Cordy Glenn from Georgia many thought that he would jump right into the starting role.  But, as things have been going so far, that may not be a guarantee.

Chris Hairston, a second year lineman from Clemson,  who played in 13 games last year as a rookie (starting seven), is still working hard and fighting for that starting spot.

“It’s definitely the biggest opportunity to date that I’ve had here with this organization,” Hairston told ”I just want to take advantage of it fully and do everything I can to just be the right guy for that position. But all I can do is be the best player I can be and put it all out on the field and let those guys decide. I just work here you know?”

Hairston has a great attitude heading into training camp in Rochester, NY.  As he knows it’s a business, and he will always have to fight hard for any playing time at the NFL level.

“It’s a part of the business. It happens every year at every position,” said Hairston of seeing Cordy Glenn and Zebrie Sanders drafted. ”I came in and there was a tackle here before me. Years and years have gone by with tackles being drafted. You just have to come in a work and do what I can do. I can only control what I can and that has nothing to do with upper management. I just play here. I’m ready to do what I can to make myself a player.”

Hairston does have a big advantage on the rookies, as he already has one year under his belt.  Having that chance to play against some of the top players in the NFL last season, and starting half of the teams games, is a nice jump that he will have on his competition.

It will be interesting to see who steps up and takes over that number one left tackle role, as it is one of the most important positions on the field.

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