Tom Brady Best to Build Around

By Sean Rollins

The most important position in football is quarterback which makes that key player the one team’s build around. Over the past few years the best quarterbacks have been Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. Even with the recent performances by Rodgers, Brady is still the best player to build a football team around.

Rodgers and Brady have had similar paths even if nearly a decade separate the two. Both players took over for the most popular quarterbacks in franchise history which caused a controversy at the position. Once being named starting quarterback, both had almost immediate success with Brady winning three Super Bowls in four years and Rodgers winning one in just his third year. They are the two most recent winners of the NFL MVP award with Brady being awarded his second in 2010 and Rodgers his first in 2011.

Despite the similarities and relative youth of Rodgers, Brady is still the best choice to build around. In 2011 the Patriots and Packers were unquestionably the two best offenses in the NFL. However, the makeup of the squads were very different. While Rodgers had a supporting cast of Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, and James Jones, Brady had to depend on an undersized Wes Welker and a tight end passing system untested in the NFL.

When building an offense, the quarterback must be a leader who can control the offense he’s in. No two players in the last 20 years have done that better than Peyton Manning and Brady. Except Brady has also done so under multiple offensive coordinators. As authoritative as Brady is as a quarterback, that means he is able to learn a system quickly and understand all parts of it going into the season. That’s a quality very few players have.

Rodgers has been a starting quarterback in the NFL for four years now so he’s getting to the point where you know what you’ll get from him year in and year out. But Brady has been as consistently excellent each year since 2001 with the exception of 2008 when he suffered a season ending injury early the first game. No matter the players placed around him or the schedule he must face, Brady is almost guaranteed to put up MVP caliber numbers. That kind of guaranteed performance makes up for any short comings of other positions.

To be a starting quarterback in the NFL means that player is certainly a quality quarterback but one stands out among the rest. There are a few quarterbacks that any team would be pleased to build their team around but none equal Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. His experience, history of winning, consistency, and durability equate to him being the best selection for that role.

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