Michael Strahan Fires Back at Amani Toomer in Eli Manning-Tony Romo Controversy

By Christopher Gamble

Former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan used to make a living terrorizing quarterbacks.  Now, he seems to be content with coming to the defense of one.  At least to the defense of his former teammate, Eli Manning.  One day after former wide receiver Amani Toomer suggested to SiriusXM radio that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was a better quarterback than Eli Manning, Strahan rode to the defense of his former teammate.

Strahan, appearing on ESPN radio’s “Hill and Schlereth Show,” said, “You need to check [Toomer’s] house for bath salts.”  Strahan explained his reasoning, “I just look at what people have done in their careers when it comes to the numbers and the things they’ve done to excel and where they are right now,” Strahan said. “I look at Eli and I think he’s the only two-time [Super Bowl] winning quarterback in the league who gets less respect than anybody else.”

Strahan, who was teammates with Toomer for eleven years, didn’t blast Toomer for having an opinion.  Instead, he made a quick joke referring to how wrong he thought his former teammate was in criticizing his former quarterback.  “The talent level was always there,” Strahan said referring to Eli.  “He could always make all of the throws he just has such a high level of confidence right now.  The Eli Manning that the Giants have now is the quarterback that they hoped they drafted, that they expected when they drafted.  His confidence is through the roof, totally different than when I was there.”


It is hard to blast Toomer for saying what he did.  If you look at the stats you will find that, during the regular season, Tony Romo has better stats than Eli Manning.  But Eli Manning is widely regarded by many as being better than Tony Romo.  Football isn’t about statistics all the time.  How many times do you see a quarterback throw for 400 yards but lose the game?  Statistics don’t tell the whole tale.  But, Toomer is entitled to his opinion and Strahan is entitled to his in defense of Eli.  The reality of the situation is, Toomer said something he didn’t believe up until he looked purely at the statistics, and made his decision based on that.  Strahan sees a quarterback with quite the impressive resume, resplendent with two Super Bowl MVP trophies.  Neither one of Eli’s former teammates are wrong.  And you know what?  Eli Manning could care less who anyone thinks is the best quarterback in the NFC East so long as at the end of the season the New York Giants are sitting on top.

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