Minnesota Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson Arrested In Houston Friday Night

By Riley Schmitt

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I bet Adrian Peterson wishes the offseason was over.  The Minnesota Vikings running back was arrested on Friday night for resisting arrest.  That certainly is one incredible circle.  The bond has been set at a cool one thousand dollars.

This is why the offseason needs to end and football needs to begin.  Maybe it is because we have Twitter and social media, but it seems like people are getting arrested left and right this summer.  At least this is not another DUI.  Compared to that, this charge is simply child’s play for Adrian Peterson.

Peterson is currently recovering from a torn ACL and hopes to be ready for Week 1.  I personally do not think he will be ready until about Week 3 or so, but I have been wrong before.  Hopefully the injury will not affect him long term and he can still be the great runner that he was before the injury.

The Vikings have a long ways to go before they become contenders again.  If Adrian Peterson is not ready to play top football again, that road is going to become even longer.   Offseason arrests certainly do not help the cause.  It is not an overwhelmingly big deal, but it is still something to watch for.

This does raise one question for me.  What was Peterson doing that he was resisting arrest in the first place?  I think a lot of details are still going to come out about this and hopefully the issue comes to light soon.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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