Tennessee Titans and Minnesota Vikings Week 5 Game Time Change

By Stephanie Umek

Just as you think you are getting into a groove of the regular season, the League goes and changes something. That’s what will be happening to the Tennessee Titans come week five of the season when they are set to play the Minnesota Vikings. Originally planned as a 12:00 PM central game time will now be played at 3:25 PM central time.

This change isn’t the first in the league this year. If you noticed, the time it was changed to is 3:25. Because now all late afternoon games will be played at 3:25 instead of 3:00 to avoid those avid football watchers the chance to see the full length of the noon games that are played.

The time switch for this particular game is due to a scheduling conflict with CBS. The Twin Cities Marathon is airing on CBS prior to the game and to avoid an overlap the game has been switched. The Marathon starts at the Mall of America at the Hubert H. Metrodome.

These changes are an excellent idea, all around I believe. There is always a chance that a noon game will end in time for a 3:00 start, but let’s face it, it’s football. Football is a long game. With the extension of twenty-five minutes of real time, that means there is room for a good five to ten minutes of football? That’s almost a full extra quarter.  Good call in the NFL’s part to make the call on that.

The Titans at Vikings game will be held at Mall of America Stadium on October 7.

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