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Tim Tebow Doing MMA Training This Offseason in Anticipation for First Season with New York Jets

Say what you want about Tim Tebow. The 24-year-old aspiring quarterback is a lot of things, but the young man is certainly no slouch.

After being traded to the New York Jets this offseason, Tebow has been working overtime trying to prepare for a new beginning with his new NFL team, doing everything he can to get in shape.

Between mini-camp and OTAs and the start of training camp later this month, Tebow has been doing mixed martial arts training, specifically Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, in an attempt to get in even better shape this season.

Tebow has been working out with Ryron Gracie and the Gracie family, the founding family of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which was created by Ryron’s grandfather, Hélio Gracie.

Ryron tweeted out this photo of Tebow at the Gracie family gym this week in California:

Tim Tebow’s role with the Jets has yet to be defined, but with Tebow bulking up to 250 pounds, it certainly seems the Jets are serious when they say they plan on using him as much more than a backup quarterback.

Tebow has been practicing special teams drills in OTAs, and is expected to be in the punt protecter role for the Jets, which requires blocking skills normally not seen in your typical quarterback.

It stands to reason that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training may help Tebow with his blocking and leverage, as Jiu-Jitsu involves a lot of grappling and close quarters physicality.

Tebow is not the only NFL player to experiment with MMA training. Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews and Minnesota Vikings lineman Jared Allen are among a handful of others who have done MMA training as well.

Expect to see Tebow in a variety of roles with the Jets, on offense and special teams. Just don’t expect starting quarterback to be one of them. That’s still Mark Sanchez‘s job to lose, and I don’t expect him to lose it.


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