What Can Prevent the Buffalo Bills From Making the Playoffs Next Season?

Earlier I posted a story with five factors that I believe need to happen for the Buffalo Bills to make the playoffs in 2012.  Now I am going to look back the other way and list five things that could go wrong to prevent the the team from making that playoff jump next season.  The five factors that I think could be the most detrimental are-

1.Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn’t live up to the way he started last year- As good as quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was at the start of last season, when the team started 5-2, he was that bad at the end of the year.  Although it came out after the season that Fitz was playing with injured ribs late in the year, it is still not a 100% fact that he will be able to come back to the early season form.  If he doesn’t play well again he could kill the Bills chances.

2. Injuries- The Bills have had injury problems for years during their playoff drought.  If that happens again in 2012 I don’t think they will have the depth to recover and make a playoff push.

3. Buffalo struggles in the division- Looking at the Bills division in 2012, they should have a strong chance to finish the year in second place (behind the New England Patriots).  If Buffalo doesn’t at least play well against their division rivals, and come in second place behind the Pats, they will pretty much have no shot at the playoffs.

4. The Bills don’t take advantage of their schedule- The Bills have the third-easiest schedule in the league next season based off last year’s records.  If the team doesn’t take advantage of playing such a soft schedule (something you can’t count on every year) then it will be a giant wasted opportunity.

5. They continue to be the Bills- The Bills are still the Bills in 2012.  They continue to make dumb mistakes, struggle when they shouldn’t, and fill their fans with disappointment.  And really at this point I’ll be surprised when these things don’t happen.

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  • Chris Miller

    I view your article as out of touch with reality.
    #1 Ryan Fitzpatrick played those last games with broken ribs B/C there was no backup for him. I have had surgery in the thoracic area of the body and doctors have told me it is the MOST PAINFUL AREA OF THE BODY. just the fact that he played shows that he is one tough player.(I bet you aren’t that though Are you?) if you have not guessed by now, I think your “article” is shit and you are an idiot. Fitz, is a late bloomer and will surprise the NFL, now that he has some quality coaching to help him improve. I predict that this article will make you look like a jackass to your bosses by the end of this season.
    Point #2 This, you moron, will turn out to be the greatest strength of the Buffalo Bills in 2012. All of the players that made them a 5-2 team ARE BACK with A CHIP ON THEIR SHOULDERS TO PROVE THEMSELVES,in addition, add in the draft, full of players, once again wanting to prove themselves, with the free agent players who, are so very motivated to show that they are still viable in the NFL and as a result,(that anyone with half a brain)is a team with depth, talent,youth, experience, and a common goal.That fact alone should put the bills beating better teams without the drive that the Bills have this year.(See, WTF happened to the Eagles in 2011??)
    #3Who the hell are the Pats? Bills will beat them and claim the division this year. Brady is sl—o–w–i–n–g down and most coaches know the tricks coach Bill has to play. The pats had no business anywhere near the SB last year. 49rs, green bay, saints, giants, ravens, Pittsburgh, ALL MUCH BETTER TEAMS THAN THE LUCK-STRUCK PATS! This year, the luck runs out for the Pats, bills will shock them and then Brady will lose to father time and the new era of Buffalo dominance will arise and the nay-sayers like you will scramble to cover up for the stupid things they have said while pretending to be ‘Experts”. LOL!
    #4 Buddy Nix is smarter than you are. not only will he take advantage of the schedule, but he will use the easier games to play the players that give us depth and in so doing , will make the team stronger as a whole unit..
    #5 Jeff, I will NOT be surprised when you are surprised because you are a gut-less moron!!!(knee pads must be standard equipment for sports writers these days.) Who the hell hired you? Ralph Wilson finally figured out that to own a team does not make you knowledgeable about running one. i.E. “To be a sports writer does not mean that you know Jack!” opinions are like buttholes, everybody’s got one.. and to me,
    CONCLUSION: The Bills will win 10+ games this year along with the division, make it to at least the second round and may just take the cake if they gell at the right time. By next year, bozo’s like you will be writing articles asking, “Will Buffalo win it all this year or next??? please let your boss know that i am available to replace you whenever he needs a writer who can clearly see the handwriting on the wall. Till then, please stop writing your “safe”, “easy” articles, they are like talking to an 8yr old, no real thought needed because the writer has no guts to step out of the past and see what is right in front of his face.

  • http://network.yardbarker.com/all_sports/article_external/what_can_prevent_the_buffalo_bills_from_making_the_playoffs_next_season/11173424 greg

    buffalo needs to keep the running game alive, because after fred jackson went out lastyear the bills died..open up the running game, which in fact will open everything else,as far as passing etc…..get smart bills…lets win