What Can Prevent the Buffalo Bills From Making the Playoffs Next Season?

By Jeff Sattora

Earlier I posted a story with five factors that I believe need to happen for the Buffalo Bills to make the playoffs in 2012.  Now I am going to look back the other way and list five things that could go wrong to prevent the the team from making that playoff jump next season.  The five factors that I think could be the most detrimental are-

1.Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn’t live up to the way he started last year- As good as quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was at the start of last season, when the team started 5-2, he was that bad at the end of the year.  Although it came out after the season that Fitz was playing with injured ribs late in the year, it is still not a 100% fact that he will be able to come back to the early season form.  If he doesn’t play well again he could kill the Bills chances.

2. Injuries- The Bills have had injury problems for years during their playoff drought.  If that happens again in 2012 I don’t think they will have the depth to recover and make a playoff push.

3. Buffalo struggles in the division- Looking at the Bills division in 2012, they should have a strong chance to finish the year in second place (behind the New England Patriots).  If Buffalo doesn’t at least play well against their division rivals, and come in second place behind the Pats, they will pretty much have no shot at the playoffs.

4. The Bills don’t take advantage of their schedule- The Bills have the third-easiest schedule in the league next season based off last year’s records.  If the team doesn’t take advantage of playing such a soft schedule (something you can’t count on every year) then it will be a giant wasted opportunity.

5. They continue to be the Bills- The Bills are still the Bills in 2012.  They continue to make dumb mistakes, struggle when they shouldn’t, and fill their fans with disappointment.  And really at this point I’ll be surprised when these things don’t happen.

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