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Cincinnati Bengals Charge Admission for Team-Sponsored Pep Rally

The Cincinnati Bengals over the course of time have developed one of the more, well, interesting, reputations in the NFL due to off-field and on-field activities alike. Even their most die-hard fans decry some of the decisions management has made in the boardroom and in player personnel– even moves they have made which discourage the fan base.

The most recent such move is debatable to say the least.

It appears the Bengals are sponsoring a “pep rally” for season ticket holders set for July 26th at Paul Brown Stadium to break up the monotony of the summer, and get fans ready for the start of practices prior to early August’s pre-season games. The idea in and of itself isn’t all that offensive, the fact they are charging some of their most loyal fans $10 to attend said pep rally seems to be to some.

Ultimately, this is up for debate.

Are the Bengals finding another way to drip their already loyal fan base for another few bucks since they can’t seem to convert casual fans into passionate ones, or, is it a harmless way to cover their costs so they can deliver the best product possible to a fan base that deserves nothing less?

Some fans interviewed in a article noted they understand a minimal cost is necessary to offset operational costs. Others take offense to the extra ten bucks given they are spending hundreds of dollars on season tickets, and other amenities, which come along with the package.

The Bengals are limiting capacity to the event to make it a special night for their season ticket holders and don’t believe the $10 charge to be excessive.

In today’s world of professional sports, money is changing hands all the time, and given that, does $10 really matter? It’s about principles to some fans, however, who feel they are paying enough and deserve a few freebies here and there.

Doesn’t really seem like there’s an easy right answer here.

What’s your opinion?

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