Miami Dolphins Rumor: Jimmy Wilson Doing Saftey Dance

Miami Dolphins 2nd year man Jimmy Wilson (25) could well have an opportunity to get a lot of playing time if the rumored idea of moving him from cornerback to safety comes to fruition.

As a rookie Wilson appeared in 15 games, made 16 tackles, with 1 interception as he mostly covered the oppositions #3 or #4 wide receiver as a cornerback. His skill-set may be better suited to play safety in the NFL, a position he played at the University of Montana. At 5’10” 190 Wilson is a tad undersized for the position, but he loves playing from the safety spot/angle to be able to run at, and attack, ball carriers. Wilson already has a reputation with his fellow Dolphins defensive-back’s as a guy who enjoys contact, and plays physical (we see that through his special teams play too)

Miami will have plenty of playing time for a safety that can be aggressive downhill to assist the rush defense. New York Jets will run the ball, twice. Fred Jackson, twice (Buffalo Bills). Arian Foster (Houston Texans), Chris Johnson (Tennessee Titans), Marshawn Lynch (Seattle Seahawks), Frank Gore (San Francisco 49ers), and Maurice Jones-Drew (Jacksonville Jaguars) are all on the Dolphins 2012 schedule.

It has been several years since the Dolphins D was good at creating turnovers. The new regime (head coach Joe Philbin, defensive coordinator Kevin Croyle) seem to already be impressed with Wilson’s ability to get to the ball. His football instincts, and aggressive style, could lead to needed interceptions and fumbles. Croyle’s defense will ask the 2 safety spots to almost play the same way. Both safeties asked to cover would-be receivers, and both asked to support vs the run too. There is a check-mark in the “cover” category for Wilson, but if he is going to move to safety then he will need to show in Preseason that he is a sound ability to make a one-on-one tackle. We also hear tale that GM Jeff Ireland covets Wilson as a safety.

Jimmy Wilson last played safety 5 years ago (at Montana). What are the odds that a 7th round draft pick could excel at the position now? In the best Pro Football league on earth? Well, what are the odds that a person can survive a murder trial? How about two? Wilson has faced massive adversity in his life (including a murder trial ending in hung jury, followed by a murder trial ending in acquittal – self defense) and seems mature beyond his 25 years. We can expect Wilson to rise to this challenge, as he has so many others.

Not a lot of 25 year old, 2nd year players have the ear of the locker room, but Jimmy Wilson’s life experiences quickly made him a sought, and respected, guy on the team. We are likely to see more and more of Jimmy Wilson going forward.

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