St. Louis Rams: Reasons A Turnaround Will Happen In 2012

By Anthony Blake

If there is one thing that the St Louis Rams have been missing over the last half-decade of futility, clearly it is confidence. Self-belief can go a long way in determining how players perform on the field and an absence of that can be just as telling in an opposite direction. This year it appears that the team and organization as a whole may be turning the corner and finally starting to believe that wins are an attainable goal.

According to a radio interview, team COO Kevin Demoff said: “One of the things that we were really looking for in the coaching search process was confidence and swagger. Someone who would come in — not arrogance, there’s a difference — but someone who would come in, knows they’re going to have success, knows that what they did will work. I think when you walk into our building now, you sense the confidence. Our team is, I think, far more talented than it was a year ago. It may take some coaching for them to get there, it may take some time. I think what you feel in the building is confidence — this group is pretty good, they’re going to get there sooner rather than later. We’ve got an elite quarterback in Sam Bradford, we’ve got some weapons returning that missed last year, we’ve got speed, we’ve gotten bigger, we’re going to be bigger, faster, stronger.”

Most would agree that Jeff Fisher certainly brings his fair share of swagger, or confidence if you will, to the party. General Manager Les Snead has been very successful in building what appears to be a much more foundationally solid team from top to bottom on paper. The club has gotten younger, hungrier, and hopefully rid itself of any players who were there just to collect a paycheck in years past.

This new look Rams team is going to be a well-coached bunch with plenty of fire and quite possibly some borderline tactics at times. Pushing the envelope is a good thing for a team that has only won a grand total of fifteen games out their last 80. It’s time for a change of culture, a change of attitude, and a change of record for the St Louis Rams.

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