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Antoinne Hester, Cousin Of Chicago Bears Star Devin Hester, Wanted For Murder

This is probably not the news that Chicago Bears wideout Devin Hester wanted in the offseason.  His cousin, Antoinne Hester, is wanted for murder in Broward County, Florida.  The authorities have contacted Devin for any possible information about his brother.

According to news reporter Jon Lieberman, U.S Marshals are searching for Antoinne Hester in connection to a July 4 shooting in which a victim was shot multiple times. The victim died over the weekend.

With training camp coming up, this about the last thing that a professional athlete wants to deal with.  I have no idea how close Devin is with his cousin Antoinne Hester, but this is certainly a distraction.   I would not be surprised if Hester takes a bunch of time to deal with this situation.

Hopefully the authorities find Antoinne sooner rather than later.  I expect that Devin is doing everything he can to help them track his brother down.

The Bears have a big season coming up and Devin should be able to get a lot of open looks.  The addition of some new wideouts and getting rid of Mike Martz is going to be big for the Bears offense.  Anything like this could have a serious impact on Hester’s play for the upcoming season.

We offer our condolences to the family of the unnamed victim in the incident.  We can only hope that Antoinne Hester is tracked down before too long and the situation can be resolved before it ends up going any further.

Updated:  Apparently Antoinne is a cousin to Devin, not a brother.  We apologize for this error.

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Riley Schmitt is a writer forRant Sports.