Ex-Tennessee Titans Player Lance Schulters Arrested on Domestic Charges

By Stephanie Umek

In the mid-hours of yesterday afternoon Lance Schulters was arrested for domestic abuse towards his ex-girlfriend and mother of his two children.

Schulters played in the NFL for a total of eleven years floating from team to team trying to get better. He spent his first four years (from 1998-2001) with the San Francisco 49ers, including one Pro-Bowl appearance in 1999. He then played from 2002-2004 before being cut from the Tennessee Titans. He finished his last three years in the NFL toggling between the Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons from 2005-2007. Throughout his career he recorded a total of 369 tackles and 7.5 sacks with 19 interceptions.

Police were called to the house in Nashville after Schulters deliberately pushed his Ex after she arrived at the house to visit with their daughters. Despite owning a home together, the ex-girlfriend has an order of protection against Schulters. According to the police report, it isn’t confirmed yet if he has an attorney to represent him.

I don’t care who you are, a domestic issue is hardly logical. It makes it worse when you are a current or past professional athlete.  You have a reputation to defend and when you go around hitting the mother of your children what kind of message do you send to younger generations? This is an issue that happens all too often and unfortunately it doesn’t look like people learn quickly from others’ mistakes.

I understand that it’s not just men hitting women; I understand it happens vice versa too, but as far as an overall percentage or even just talking about professional athletes, it’s mainly men.

Regardless of who is abusing, domestic abuse is a misdemeanor and is easily avoidable.  This is the kind of silly mistake that gives everyone involved a bad reputation.

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