NFL Rumors: Indianapolis Colts will Buck the NFL's New Blackout System

By J.M. Nicholas

Recently, the NFL changed its home game television blackout policy, which used to state that if a team could not sell out all of their available seats, that the game would be blacked out locally on tv. The new rule gives some teams a bit more leeway, by making it necessary for home teams to only have to sell 85 percent of their total seats in order to avoid the forcing of the local televised blackout. It has been reported that the Indianapolis Colts will disregard that option for this season at least, and locally enforce a complete sellout of home games at Lucas Oil Stadium to avoid blacking out the home games in Indianapolis local areas.

Of all the regular season games in the NFL last year, only 16 were blacked out. Television ratings have raised throughout the NFL steadily since 2007, while stadium attendance in local markets has slipped every season since ’07. The blame could lie at the feet of several subjects, including the recession era and the evolution of high definition tv. After a 2-14 season, (and in the midst of a “reloading” process) the Colts could be teetering on the possibility of losing fans and season ticket holders if the franchise doesn’t turn that corner and improve over the next few seasons.

This off-season has been the first time in nearly a decade that the Colts still have season ticket packages open for sale. Still, come game day, this re-vamped Colts team will almost surely have little doubt in selling out on game day.

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