NFL Rumors: Washington Redskins Inquire about Larry Lumpkin

The Washington Redskins have apparently added their name to the list of NFL teams interested in Larry Lumpkin.

Lumpkin, a former Alabama A&M linebacker,  made himself available for Thursday’s supplemental NFL draft. Since then, he’s been under the radar on watch by several NFL Teams.

However, according to reports he has some issues. Jay Martin, A&M linebackers coach told Reggie Benson of The Huntsville Times that,  “He was constantly late for meetings and he would miss practice at least one day a week.”

Do we want another Albert Haynesworth? Poor attitude and discipline?

Lumpkin is scheduled to  work out at a high school in Irvington, Ala.

At 6 feet, weighing about 235 pounds, he runs the 40 in 4.8.  But then again, that was at Bama in 2010–what he does now has to be seen.

Lumpkin left A&M  with 39 tackles and 12 tackles-for-loss. He was dismissed from the team for missing and/or being late to practices. Lumpkin transferred to Carson-Newman and had a nice season with 94 total-tackles, but was dismissed for academics.

I’m really not sure where this guy would fit in the scheme of things this season. If his habits are like this in college, then how can the Redskins consider him for the team they have now? While second chances are always popular (with hopes of a redeeming season), the chances that three’s a charm on the pro level are slim.  And besides, this would look very desperate on Mike Shanahan’s part to pick up a guy with habits that he strongly opposes.  The Redskins don’t need the distraction.


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    • Patrice

      I know him personally and the coach at A&M only got mad when Larry complained about not being able to play when he produced way better results than the older guys on the team. At Carson Newman, they took a chance on him although the previous coach had already bad-mouthed him, and look at the numbers he produced THEN! Transferring may have hurt his academic ability, since being out of state not knowing anyone and being so far away from his family when he truly felt the need to be home with them. Yet, he chose to focus on/further his football career to be able to provide for his family. So, he is a great player and deserves a shot. Without all the criticism, and more support of his athletic ability. If people talk bad about someone, everyone has the right to object and let it be known that it isn’t true without it being taken as being a bad person. Maybe he was overly confident in his abilities, so what. With his potential and numbers being put up, it’s hard to remain humble, but because he was young and wanted to boast a little bit knowing he was producing numbers greater than those that were older and “assumed” to be better athletes, he gets, basically, ostracized. When there are older guys coming at you, dissing your ability, of course that will be motivation to put them in their place and/or defend himself. After all is said and done, he has matured, is still a great athlete, and deserves a chance to prove himself. I’m sure Larry isn’t the first football player to have obstacles to overcome. When a coach, a grown man, feels the need to bad mouth a person, because he chose not to play a person in order to play seniors (that weren’t nearly as good) and bench the better player to give seniors a chance to play, then gets upset when a player feels the need to go elsewhere. When your numbers are better and it shows, why should someone play for a coach that will only bench him and hurt his career. The 3rd time WILL be the charm! He will be an amazing asset to ANY team that takes him!

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