Andy Reid And The Philadelphia Eagles: A 2012 Dilemma

By Frank Benditt III

Under head coach Andy Reid, the Philadelphia Eagles are an organization that has prided themselves on consistent success.  In Andy Reid’s thirteen seasons as head coach, the Eagles have reached the playoffs nine times, won six division titles, appeared in five NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl.

Overall, Andy Reid possesses a sterling 126-81-1 record as the Eagles head coach.  That is a .609 winning percentage.  Reid also holds the most playoff wins by an Eagles head coach (10).  Since Reid’s first year in 1999, only one team, the New England Patriots, have matched Philadelphia in conference championship game appearances.  Andy Reid is actively the longest tenured head coach in the NFL.

That is an impressive resume and it leaves no doubt why the national media adores Andy Reid.  Reid has shown clear leadership skills and runs an efficient ship.  Andy is a players first sort of coach who always goes to bat for team when addressing  the media.

With all of Reid’s success with the Eagles, there is one glaring deficiency:  A Super Bowl championship.

Around the NFL, the Eagles and Andy Reid are well respected as a stellar franchise.  In the city of Philadelphia, the Eagles and Andy Reid are more scrutinized than overall respected.  One thing is for sure, the Eagles front office is all too aware of the constant local examination.

During the past two off-seasons, the Eagles have developed a “win now” philosophy much more than in the past.  It began in 2010, when the Eagles decided to move on from their “quarterback of the future”, Kevin Kolb, and place their trust in the re-surging Michael Vick.  Before the 2011 season, the Eagles dominated the free agent market by signing many of the most desired players.  The organization, including the players, believed a Super Bowl run was imminent.  The self-entitled “Dream Team” became an 8-8 bust, missing the playoffs.  During this current off-season, the Eagles re-signed their own core group, signed several key free agents and drafted according to need, focusing in on bolstering their defense.

The Eagle’s recent off-season decisions made so much sense, most faithful fans were left in disbelief.  Had the Eagles made the practical, right decisions?  For many years, the Andy Reid Eagles made decisions that left many scratching their heads.  For over a decade, the Eagles had the mindset that they know better than the fan or local media member.

O.K.  So what has changed so drastically within the organization?  Have the Eagles succumbed to the intense scrutinization and seen the light?  Perhaps, but the Eagles would never admit such.

The 2012 dilemma is the Eagles chase for a Super Bowl Championship, compiled with the future of Andy Reid if the aforementioned goal is not attained.  It is not just “Super Bowl or Bust”.  It is “Super Bowl or Bust, but crap, if we bust, do we bring back Andy Reid and if we do how would that look and if we do not, who the heck do we bring in?”.

Ask yourself, if the Eagles go 10-6, win the division, win a playoff game and lose in the divisional round, is that enough to bring back Andy Reid?  Even if the Eagles go 11-5, 12-4, win the division, and get smoked in the NFC Championship, are you cool with continuing with Andy Reid?

The Eagle’s 2012 season is highly anticipated.  After thirteen years, Eagles fans know what to expect from Andy Reid….good coaching, not great, especially in a “big” game.  As fans, we can only hope the 2012 dilemma solves itself by the Eagles players simply being that much better than their opponents.



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