Buffalo Bills Looking To Improve Attendance in Toronto

By Jeff Sattora

The Buffalo Bills have been pushing hard the last few years to gain a foothold in the Toronto market for Bills and football fans alike, and they will be continuing to do so in 2012.

While “Bills in Toronto” merchandise can only go far, the team may be on to something with their new strategy this coming year, greatly lowering ticket prices for the home game in Toronto.

Tickets for the December 16 “home” game vs. the Seattle Seahawks will now be at 51 percent discount prices.

As a result of the new pricing structure, 58 percent of tickets are less than $100, and 88 percent of tickets are less than $150. On top of that, those who have already purchased tickets as part of the “Bills in Toronto Series” will not be left out in the cold.  They will now have the option to receive a refund for the price difference or have their seats upgraded.

“This is a significant step in the right direction to help us re-engage with our fans who attend our games at Rogers Centre,” Bills executive vice president Mary Owen said. “Last year’s shutout victory over the Redskins featured our best gameday atmosphere to date at Rogers Centre. Our goal is to build on last year’s momentum and provide an exciting Bills gameday experience.”

Having a strong fan turnout in Toronto this season could be a huge boost for the team’s playoff hunt.  With two division games (Miami and New York) to end the season following this Seahawks game, getting a win against Seattle could be a nice springboard to a final playoff push for Buffalo.  Lowering ticket prices is a great start to truly gaining a strong fan following in the Toronto area.

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