Can Andrew Luck make Colts fans forget Peyton Manning?

By Gil Alcaraz IV

Former Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts to be the heir to the quarterback throne that veteran Peyton Manning was forced to vacate. But is he ready to bear that burden?

When Manning was released, he left behind an unparalleled legacy that not even Tom Brady can touch. The fact the he consistently turned in winning seasons while carrying a subpar team on his back speaks for itself.

Have you ever watched him make a football game drag on with his audibles? It’s painful but it gets results.

Sure, he annually fell short in the playoffs and only managed one Super Bowl win in 14 seasons. Success in the NFL shouldn’t be measured by Super Bowl rings, though. Remember, Dan Marino never won one so that makes it okay.

Still, is the 2012 first overall pick ready to step into the shoes of the 1998 first overall pick?

Considering by many as the next elite NFL passer, how Luck handles the pressure of replacing arguably the greatest quarterback of all time will be the focus in Indianapolis this season. There are lofty expectations for him, even during his rookie season. He’s supposed to turn a Colts team that was 2-14 in 2011 into a contender. Talk about setting unachievable goals…

The weight of being first overall might also be clinging to his shoulder pads, but that’s overrated. If Cam Newton could handle it last year, I don’t see Luck having too many issues of his own.

When he wasn’t demolishing defensive secondaries at Stanford, Luck was learning how to construct skyscrapers while majoring in architecture. So it’s safe to say that the kid knows how to use angles to take advantage of what the opposing defense throws at him.

Plus, Luck is pretty good at the whole throwing thing. He’s also fast, so that should help him too.

The Colts moved on from one prodigy to another when they replaced Manning with Luck. We’re still awaiting the verdict on whether or not he’ll live up to the hype, but Luck sure has a wide array of tools to work with.

They might not have their Manning anymore, but at least the Colts have Luck on their side.

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