NFL Rumors: Miami Dolphins Impressed With Supplemental Draft Prospect Josh Gordon

By Jeff Everette

Former Baylor Bears wide receiver, Josh Gordon, has been established by scouts and analysts as the greatest potential talent available in the NFL‘s 2012 Supplemental Draft, and the Miami Dolphins are rumored to be extremely interested.

The fact the Dolphins would be interested in a 6’3, 225 receiver that runs a 4.52 in the 40 yard dash is no surprise, especially considering the hole left after management traded last season’s Pro Bowl MVP, Brandon Marshall, to the Chicago Bears earlier this year.  Making up for Marshall’s absence was apparently not a priority during the actual draft this year, with the Dolphins waiting until the 6th round before selecting a wide out, but General Manager Jeff Ireland may be ready to address that need on Thursday (July 12, 2012).

The Supplemental Draft offers a handful of players, who were unable to participate in this year’s NFL Draft, a chance to be selected by an NFL team.  Unfortunately, there is usually a reason that these players were not able to be a part of the standard NFL Draft, and in Gordon’s case, there are off field issues that caused him to be suspended by Baylor before the start of his junior season.  A marijuana charge was reportedly the basis of the suspension, and Gordon chose to forfeit this last season, transferring instead to the Utah Utes.  Despite this, Gordon has become the media standout among this year’s group of prospects.

Gordon has chosen to forgo his senior year of college football in favor of an NFL payday, claiming financial hardship as his motivation.  It is a gamble that may work out in his favor, regardless of how risky it may be for the teams that may choose to bid for his services.  While he could be returning to the college gridiron with the hopes of solidifying his position as one of the top prospects in next year’s draft, there is always the chance that his stock could drop; after all, Gordon was being thrown the ball by the future Heisman Trophy winner, Robert Griffin III.  Entering the draft now, with seemingly untold potential, may be Gordon’s best chance at being the most coveted player available.

Gordon has quickly become the most talked about of all the players eligible to be drafted on Thursday.  Much like a certain quarterback taken 8th in this year’s NFL Draft, Gordon has benefited from the media attention and endless analyst conjecture.  The Dolphins have already shown that they are willing to buy into the hype, making Ryan Tannehill a top ten draft pick after he received the same type of media buzz.  To this point, Tannehill has fallen behind the competition and is rumored to be out of the running for the starting quarterback position this season.  The same sort of results could be waiting if the team chooses to use one of its 2013 draft picks to secure Gordon.

The Dolphins do have an extra 3rd round selection, thanks to the Marshall trade, but they also have 10 + receivers right now, each one fighting to make the roster.  Davone Bess and Brian Hartline are practically guaranteed positions, as is the reenergized Chad Johnson/Ochocinco, which would leave, at the most, 3 spots to fill, making even a fourth round draft pick seem to be an expensive price to pay for someone who may not even make the cut.

The debatable Tannehill pick aside, Ireland has been fairly shrewd with his draft selections, and the Supplemental Draft will give him yet another opportunity to make the best choice for Miami.  A receiver with just one semi-productive year in college, and off field drug and legal issues, does not vibe with the new culture blossoming in South Florida.  Taking a risk on Gordon could easily be seen as a step backwards, given the questions surrounding his maturity and the level of talent they traded away in Marshall for the same sort of reasons.

Gordon may have had an impressive workout, but if Miami does use a pick on Thursday, look for it to be on the defensive side of the ball.

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