NFL Rumors: Is Colt McCoy an option for Green Bay Packers?

At some point this season, Colt McCoy will be traded.

The writing was on the wall as soon as the Cleveland Browns selected former Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. The only lingering question is which team will reach out to acquire McCoy’s services?

Although the potential landing spots are limited, one no-brainer of an option is the Green Bay Packers.

Now if you know anything about football, than you most likely know that the Packers have one heck of starting quarterback in Aaron Rodgers. The guy is a perennial MVP candidate who has single-handedly elevated the Packers to the top of the NFL hierarchy.

What the Packers don’t have is a quality backup to serve as an emergency plan if Rodgers goes down with an injury.

Their roster currently boasts the backup quarterbacking talents (or lack thereof) of third-year Graham Harrell and rookie B.J. Coleman. To put this in perspective: the Packers have a total of zero NFL regular season snaps backing up Green Bay’s pride and joy. Harrell was once cut by the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders and Coleman was a seventh-round pick out of small-school Chattanooga. Promising, right?

Considering that the Browns aren’t expecting much in return for McCoy, it wouldn’t be too hard for the Packers to make a trade for the former third-round pick. At most, they’d be parting with a late-round draft choice. That doesn’t seem like too steep a price to pay for a quality backup quarterback, especially with Harrell and Coleman as their other options.

It’s still to be seen whether or not the Packers take this route, but if neither Harrell nor Coleman can impress coaches during training camp/preseason, McCoy will become an enticing possibility.

McCoy needs to hit the reset button on his NFL career, and Green Bay could be a good starting point.

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  • Derek D

    I stopped reading at “B.J. Coleman went undrafted”. He was a 7th round pick. Get your facts straight. I’ll finish reading now…

  • Derek D

    After reading, here’s my take: GB doesn’t need to waste a trade on McCoy. The Packers have proven to groom reliable backup QBs and Harrell will not be an exception. I agree McCoy needs to hit the reset button and Green Bay would be the perfect fit for him to do that and get better, but the Packers don’t need him nearly as much as he needs the Packers. Actually, they don’t need him at all.

  • Rich

    You must be either out of your mind or more just plain ignorant about Harrell, the Pack, the coaches evaluations of his progress, his performance I preseason, and his move to the active roster last season to keep the Bills from snagging him up. You most likely did not keep up with Harrell’s improved arm strength coming in this year.

  • Lynn Erickson

    I like Colt McCoy, he got a bad deal with the Browns. They were a poor team for a kid to start with. He didn’t have the benefit that Aaron Rogers did being able to sit behind a quality quarterback and learn for a couple of years. Now that the Browns are improving, it’s a shame not to give him another year or two to become an upper eschelon quarterback. But time is money in the NFL and they don’t wait for improvement. Instant gratification right?