NFL Rumors: Mike Wallace Might Hold Out Well Into Training Camp?

After months of constant waiting, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace still hasn’t received a long-term offer from the Steelers’ front office.

The deadline has come and gone for Wallace to sign the first-round tender offer, and Pittsburgh has decided not to decrease the $2.77 million that was put on the table.

The Pro Bowl receiver should be grateful that the tender offer wasn’t cut significantly, and should jump at the chance to take what is given to him. Wallace needs to realize that after this season, the probability of more veterans, such as Ryan Clark and Casey Hampton, being released to make room for younger talent are high. This will add more money to the salary cap, and in turn give general manager Kevin Colbert and the rest of the front office more money to give to Wallace in the long-term deal that he is wanting.

If you ask me, the way things are looking right now, Wallace won’t get his long-term deal until next season, assuming that he has the common since to sign the tender and prove that he is worth more money this season.

Wallace not looking at the big picture will definitely hurt the team as a whole. His potential absence from training camp will make it more difficult to absorb a new playbook, and mess up the chemistry between him and Ben Roethlisberger. In addition, it will cripple one-half of one of the best receiving tandems from last season with fellow receiver Antonio Brown.

Already hurting at the running back position, the Steelers will need as much help as possible on offense, and Wallace gracing the team with his presence would be very helpful.


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