NFL Rumors: Tennessee Titans Owner Bud Adams Wanted to Pay Peyton Manning $25 Million

By Stephanie Umek

It was made very clear while the stir of Peyton Manning’s destiny was in limbo that Bud Adams wanted him in Tennessee, badly. Last year, the Tennessee Titans didn’t spend money like they could have. They are ranked just as low with salary cap money as they are in sacks for last year.

This makes a lot of people question why they didn’t go after guys like Cortland Finnegan with the franchise tag. But when it came down to Peyton Manning becoming the quarterback, Adams knew he had to pull out all the steaks to make it happen.

As he is currently sitting on the Denver Broncos’ roster clearly something did not match up. Considering that during all of the talk about a contract, Peyton mentioned a few times, nonchalantly about the money situation.

But ironically it couldn’t have been all about the money because Manning is playing for the Broncos, and the contract that he signed, equals out to a little over $19 million a year. While apparently Bud Adams offered $25 million a year.

The fans of the game might not ever be able to find out the truth to the matter as to why Manning chose Denver over Tennessee but when you already have to quarterbacks still fighting for the starting position, it’s a good problem to have and understanding yes it is Peyton Manning, how many more years does he really have left in him?

With the Broncos paying Manning $19 million a year it marks the highest salary for any contract in NFL history.

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