Frist Round Draft Pick Kendall Wright Close to Contract Deal with Tennessee Titans

By Stephanie Umek

It’s a big surprise to see that the Tennessee Titan’s number one draft pick does not have a contract yet. Especially considering the fact that the offensive coordinator, Chris Palmer, has already inserted Kendall Wright into the playbook.

With depth finally in the Titans favor the biggest challenge this off season has been being able to move people around to adjust to new weapons coming into the roster. With additions like Zach Brown, Mike Martin, Coty Sensabaugh, Taylor Thompson, Markelle Martin and Scott Solomon the Titans have plenty of room to grow.

The only thing that has to be worrying Wright a little bit is the simple fact that: HE DOES NOT HAVE A CONTRACT YET. Despite being in the plan for next year the franchise has yet to put numbers in front of him. Many of his other draft class members have received four-year contracts and the Titans have the money to spend on him.

Wright is going to be playing at the same time as Nate Washington and Kenny Britt. It’s going to be weapons galore for the Titans if everything works out well. A three wide out plot is Palmer’s idea.

The fact of the matter in this situation is that he has to receive a contract before training camp starts. Wright has to have a contract in order to officially be allowed to participate in the camp that starts July 28. It is a big day and it is approaching much sooner rather than later.

Wright isn’t the first player that was drafted in the first round that didn’t receive a contract right away, however a four-year guaranteed contract should be in his mind, and to me, wouldn’t be too much to ask for.

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