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NFL Rumors: Could Drew Brees Sit Out The 2012-13 Season?

Is it possible that New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees could sit out the 2012-13 NFL season? Brees has publicly said that he would never miss any games, but he clearly has no intent of playing under the Saints’ franchise tag.

As the deadline for a Brees deal to get done is coming down to the wire it appears that Brees will at least sit out training camp if no deal is done.

There have been mixed reports on the Brees deal, some saying that Brees and the Saints are very close to getting a deal done, others saying that the deal is still very far away.

The latest rumor is that Brees and the Saints are still about $10 million apart from getting a deal done. In his new deal Brees is insisting on receiving about $10 million more in guaranteed money and this is proving to be the biggest hurdle to overcome as the deadline quickly approaches.

If Brees were to play under the Saints’ franchise tag he would be set to make $16.371 million this season, but Brees has said time after time that he will not sign the franchise tender and it seems he will refuse to play under the franchise tag whatsoever.

According to sources the Saints latest offer to Brees is a contract that would be worth about $19.5 million annually, making Brees the highest paid player in the NFL. However, it has also been reported that Brees is seeking a contract that would pay him $20.5 million annually. Some think that maybe Brees is being a little greedy at this point, but I think that is absolutely ridiculous.

Brees is probably the greatest Saints’ player in franchise history and after his record-breaking year he has earned the right to be the highest paid player in the NFL. If the Saints don’t want to put their franchise in jeopardy they should just meet Brees’s demands, it is quite baffling that the contract negotiations have come down to the wire.

If the Saints don’t get a deal done by July 16th they might not see Brees for training camp. In the worst-case scenario the Saints would not see Brees for the entire 2012 season and that would be catastrophic for a team that is trying to rebuild its image. Losing the face of the franchise would be detrimental and could have lasting consequences for years to come.