Kansas City Chiefs Schedule Preview: Week 14 at Cleveland

By DanFlaherty

The summer walk-through of the Kansas City Chiefs schedule continues today with a Week 14 road game with the Cleveland Browns. Please visit the link below to access the previous thirteen game previews.

Kansas City will be coming into this game off a three-game homestand, so travel fatigue won’t be an issue, but focus may be. Two of the home games were AFC West matchups, including Week 13 against the Denver Broncos, and one week later the Chiefs pay a visit to the Oakland Raiders. Even if the Browns are their usual bumbling selves, a road date in what’s sure to be frigid temperatures on December 9 is a prime candidate for a lookahead spot and we always see an NFL playoff contender tripped up in a spot like this. Let’s be honest—this could be a game the Chiefs get caught in.

That’s the somber side of things. The upbeat side is that there’s no reason to think Kansas City will have anything less than a substantial personnel advantage. Cleveland went out and drafted Trent Richardson, the top running back in this year’s rookie class, but the offensive line—apart from Joe Thomas at left tackle is positively awful. Unless Mitchell Schwartz develops at the right tackle spot, it’s going to be a long rookie year for Richardson, and whether the quarterback is Brandon Weeden, Colt McCoy or Seneca Wallace, he better plan on running for his life. The Kansas City defense can feast all day long by simply lining up outside linebacker Tamba Hali opposite Thomas and turning him loose. The Browns do not have the receivers who are going to make KC pay for its aggression, and even if they did, throwing the ball long is likely to be tough in December.

In short, this game is Kansas City’s to lose, but the schedule circumstances make it very possible they could do just that.


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