Meet Joe Philbin

By Craig Ballard

The Miami Dolphins are yet again going the route of offensive coordinator-turned-head coach. We saw that recently (with poor results) with Cam Cameron, and also Tony Sporano. Enter new boss for Miami, Joe Philbin.

It looks as though Miami was once again looking for an offensive background to kick-start the franchise as 2 of the final 3 candidates were offensive-minded. Philbin, plus Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy (no Blue Jays fans, not that Mike McCoy) and interim Todd Bowles were top candidates.

The 51 year old Philbin was the offensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers, and will get his first head coach opportunity in Miami. Philbin has seen sports highs, and tragic real-life lows in the past 2 years. Super Bowl champ in 2010, but lost his 21 year old son this past January to drowning.

Philbin takes over a Dolphins franchise that has lost more games than it has won in 5 of the last 6 seasons (38-58 record). The celebrity ownership has increased, but the home team enthusiasm has decreased (an uninspiring 19-29 at home during this 6 year downturn).

Joe Philbin is surely a bright football mind. His track record is a guy who was handed nothing, and constantly earned promotions. Philbin has a huge history with offensive lineman. He also has a good history of working with Scout teams to get them to play as close to the oppositions style/game-plan as possible. Joe Philbin will have you prepared to play a good game.

Along his path Philbin coached up offenses at Allegheny College, Northeastern, and Harvard. Just prior to Y2K Philbin landed a job coaching at the University of Iowa. That lead him to radar of the Packers. Philbin was brought in by Green Bay. Ironically this was during the Mike Sherman era with the Packers. Sherman will serve as Philbin’s offensive coordinator in Miami.

Philbin spent several seasons working with Packers offensive lineman, and some time with the tight ends too. Since his promotion to offensive coordinator in 2007 the Pack have been in the Top 10 for passing yards, and scoring every season. One factor that remains a topic of conversation is the fact that Philbin did not call the plays for Green Bay on game day. That was/is head coach Mike McCarthy. Philbin did run the offense from Monday through Saturday, and was the one to convey the majority of the game-plan to the offense.

A Joe Philbin team is going to be detailed, and principled. Already veteran media guys with AFC experience are impressed by the pace, and purpose of the Dolphins practice. Even out of pads, the style and precision of drills have a high level to them. Solid timing too. Precisely the cure for a dormant franchise. Joe Philbin will help put a product on the field that the ‘Phins phaithful can get behind.

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