NFL Rumors: Washington Redskins : RG3 "Hopeful" He'll Be At Camp Monday

By Ricky Allen

According to reports, Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III will “hopefully” be at camp Monday.

Here’s what he said earlier this week:

“I will be there this Thursday, and hopefully by the 16th, I’ll be signed and ready to go. I have no objections — I’m not trying to hold out or make it seem like it’s not a big deal. It’s just (that) I’m not concerned about it, because I’m sure they’ll make it happen. I talked to my agent the other day, and he said they had been talking last week then took a break over the weekend, but from what I’ve heard I think it’s gonna get done. I think my agent and the Redskins both know it’s paramount for me to be in camp on time, and I think they’re going to work towards that.”

However, there are many rumors floating around about why the contract signing hasn’t happened. The main rumor is that he’s waiting for Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck to sign his contract, probably to see what financial pace will be set and compare notes. The Colts’ rookies are scheduled to report on July 25. That’s a lot of time.

Meanwhile rumors on why Luck isn’t signing has nothing to do with money, but opportunities.

According to the  Sports Xchange’s Len Pasquarelli, the reason Luck and the Colts haven’t agreed to terms doesn’t have anything to do with what Indianapolis will pay him. Pasquarelli writes, “One of the stumbling blocks in negotiations between Indianapolis and the top overall choice in the draft … is the proposed inclusion of marketing language that Luck and his representatives, at least so far, regard as strident. One source with knowledge of the talks even suggested that Luck would ‘have to clear’ marketing proposals with the club.”

It’s unsure if Griffin’s agent is having the same problem. However, time is ticking. The Washington Redskins need to get this done sooner rather than later.



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