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NFL Rumors: Who Starts at Quarterback For These Teams?

Quarterback by far is the most important position in football, quite possibly in all of sports. It’s very hard to win without a good quarterback unless you have the 2000 Baltimore Ravens defense and don’t allow any points. A few teams enter the season with some quarterback issues. Let’s take a look at a couple.

New York Jets: I don’t care what Rex Ryan says, you don’t bring Tim Tebow to your team unless he’s a serious competitor for your starting quarterback position. This is year four of the Mark Sanchez experience, one that hasn’t been all bad. You have to have some sort of ability to lead your team to back to back AFC Championship appearances. Right now it looks like Tebow will be on special teams and the wildcat. How long will that last though?

Arizona Cardinals: Kevin Kolb was supposed to be the guy. When you trade a second round pick and a corner you spent a high first round pick on, he better be the guy. It seems like he may not be the guy. John Skelton came in last year and played pretty well for the Cardinals, who could be a sleeping giant this coming year if they figure this situation out.

Seattle Seahawks: Tavaris Jackson, Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson are all in the running for this spot. It seems like sometimes head coach Pete Caroll and the braintrust in Seattle like to bring in as many people as they can for certain positions and see if it sticks. Sometimes it works out like in the case or Marshawn Lynch. Other times it doesn’t. One of these guys will end up being a bust. If it’s all three, it may be a long winter.

If these teams get their quarterback situations figured out, then its possible they all could have success. Otherwise it could be doom and gloom in 2012.