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NFL Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles Green With Envy Over New York Giants Success

The Philadelphia Eagles have to be envious of the New York Giant’s two Super Bowl Championships in the last five NFL seasons.  Surely, the Eagles were primed to make a Super Bowl run during that time span.  In 2008, after going 9-6-1 in the regular season, the Eagles miraculously reached the NFC Championship game.  Their opponent was the overachieving 9-7 Arizona Cardinals.  The result was the Eagles fourth NFC Championship loss (32-25) since 2001.

The New York Giants have fared much better.  The Giants won the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots in 2007 and 2011.  In both years, the Eagles missed the playoffs.  The Eagles did not have to look far to see a divisional foe celebrating the fruits of their success.

The way I see it, the New York Giants are the premier rivalry of the Philadelphia Eagles.  The rivalry cultivated in the 1990′s and grew steadily since.  The geographical proximity, the shear competitiveness and great dislike between the two franchises have become headline material.  Do not get me wrong, the Dallas Cowboys are still despised, however, I feel their natural rivalry is with the Washington Redskins.  After all, what is better than Cowboys vs Indians?

Since both the Eagles and the Giants are in the Northeast, geography plays a large role.  The fact is, Philadelphia does not like New York (I know the Giants are in the Meadowlands…..they are still New York to us).  Face it, Philadelphia is in the shadow of the Big Apple.  In reality, the city of Philadelphia is considered a second-rate city compared to New York city. The result is that Philadelphians have a “little man” complex when it comes to New York.  I can certainly admit that to be true.

Since the Eagles and Giants are division foes, they have had a long lineage of great games, including the playoffs.  Over the last ten years, the match-up became more heated because both teams are typically playoff bound.  Meeting twice a year, they usually play close, physical games.

Eagles fans love traveling to Giants Stadium in the Meadowlands, antagonizing Giant’s fans.  That is what Eagles fans do best.  The typical Eagles fan loves being in the national spotlight…..especially when it is positive (believe it or not).  We are a city that is starved for attention.  New York gets plenty of it.  We are a city that is hungry for a Super Bowl championship.  New York is still hungover from their last Super Bowl party.

The Cowboys vs. Eagles rivalry is old news.  That rivalry peaked in the 1980′s-early 1990s.  The Giants have moved up the latter and Eli Manning is target number one.