Tennessee Titans Offense has a lot of Decisions to Make Prior to Training Camp

By Stephanie Umek

With Chris Johnson’s last season put aside, Chris Palmer, offensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans, is looking for someone to file the space needed to help the running back at the full back position. Between these two, Kenny Britt, Nate Washington and Kendall Wright, Palmer has it in his mind that the offense will be unstoppable.

The question is who will get the green light at fullback? Both Quinn Johnson and Collin Mooney both want to be a part of the line and have shown it. It will be a matter over the next few weeks though when the coaching staff decides who is going to be the starter. People are thinking Quinn will have a little more edge over Mooney considering his past with the Packers, if I were Collin Mooney, that would just give me all the more reason to push harder to be the starter.

Head coach Mike Munchak has been extremely open about his opinions on the players. Titans fans you have to be happy regardless of the point he makes, Munchak is thinking logically. He told reporters earlier in the week that he is torn between the two, however wants them to go above and beyond with “duties as assigned”.

“Of course we want to know how physical these guys are. You’re looking to see if he can create the hole for C.J.. But as Quinn and Collin know, it is also, ‘What else can you do for us?’ Can you carry the ball? Can you catch the ball? Can you play special teams? And that is what we are looking for. It should be fun to watch.”

The next big question and it’s one that everyone is talking about around the NFL. Who in the world is going to be the starting quarterback? Yes I know, Matt Hasselbeck is the veteran and if the Titans were going to play it safely, he would get the green light with no questions asked. But I’ll tell you what, Jake Locker is looking pretty reliable when it comes to throwing the ball. He is learning from one of the best and he knows that within the next few years, regardless, it’s going to be his team. Let’s face it, Hasselbeck is a good quarterback, but he doesn’t have much time left.

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