The Difference Between Kyle Orton And Tony Romo!

By Ben Grimaldi

The Dallas Cowboys were once known for their off the field antics just as much as they were for their on field play. However, the days of Michael Irvin and Nate Newton have long gone by the wayside. In fact, the Cowboys have been one of the cleanest teams in terms of arrests or bad publicity in recent memory (knock on wood). Not that this will qualify as an “off field issue” but it sure seems pretty funny to see.

The sight of a Dallas Cowboys quarterback in bed with two girls would normally make you think it was Tony Romo given his past public romances. Not that Romo was ever caught in a spot like Kyle Orton is here but I think it’s safe to say this picture is pretty shocking. I’m also not saying that Orton is passed out or that any of us know who those two ladies are but finding out this picture was taken on the 4th of July, we can make our own conclusions.

There is nothing scandalous going on in the picture and there is no reason to make a huge issue out of it but there is one question I have to ask; what would happen if this was Tony Romo? Imagine that for a moment. Imagine the media frenzy that would be all over this picture. But since it’s “just” Kyle Orton there doesn’t seem to be a care in the world over the photograph. That’s the difference in being the starting quarterback and the backup quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

Perhaps being a backup QB isn’t as boring as we thought?

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