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Washington Redskins: Yeah, Mike Shanahan Deserves A Good Season

After last season’s 5-11 record, even Washington Redskins Head Coach Mike Shanahan deserves a good season.

I think he’s looking forward to training camp too. There’s nothing like the joy of wanting to work. Very few people have that luxury.

Here is what he said in an interview with WGFX in Nashville with The Wake Up Zone after OTAs in June:


“Well any time you have a quarterback you try to fit the system to what he can do. You have to fit…if you take a look at the talent of the quarterback and the system that fits him. When Steve Young or John Elway or  Jay Cutler or Brian Griese or Jake Plummer, every quarterback was a little bit different. Robert’s a little bit different than anybody I have ever been with relative to his talents. You take a look at the supporting cast that you do have and surround them with the quarterback and come up with the system that is the most effective for your team.”


He added, “Well we have had him for a number of weeks and we’ve gone through…today is really our last OTA day and he’s done a great job. Even though they don’t huddle up they basically didn’t even have a playbook. They ran everything from the sideline and he’s coming here and he’s called every play. We put in the whole offense relative to our normal installation schedule through these OTA days and he’s done a tremendous job.”


All week we’ve heard (and wrote about) Robert Griffin III and how excited he is about getting started, but Shanahan also shares in that excitement. This is not Rex GrossmanJason Campbell and not “He whose name must not be spoken” also known as Donovan McNabb.  What we have to remember is Shanahan was just as taken back last season as we all were—so he’s looking for a change too. I think we get so far into the “he’s gonna get fired” angle that we forget at times there’s a person there also looking for a good season.


That’s the same person that has to eat that bad season too, and stand there and take it when everyone doesn’t do their job. That’s what the offseason trades and acquisitions were about.  People want to laugh about how the Redskins sold their soul this season for players, however, I’d rather be a fan of a team in this position rather than one that’s slowing becoming irrelevant (Dallas Cowboys ) or outclassed (Philadelphia Eagles) .